About Us

Pendar Labs is a Canadian software development company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We build apps that live on the web, on your smartphone, or on your tablet. We build with efficiency and ease of use in mind, and we are very goal-oriented. Read on to see how we can help you, or check out what we’ve done for others.

Do you have a million dollar idea for a startup but don’t have the coding chops?

Talk to us. We love working with startups. In fact, we ARE a startup; we love building products for ourselves as well as our clients. We can help you validate your idea and build a plan to launch & validate that saves you lots of time and money.

Do you deal with a lot of mundane paperwork in your job or business? Do you spend too much time working with big, intimidating spreadsheets?

We help organizations save significant time and man power by automating their existing workflows. We’ve built process automation tools for multi-million dollar entreprises that eliminate paperwork and streamline workflows. If you deal with tons of repetitive papers or if you use Excel on a daily basis, chances are we can make your life easier.

Why Pendar Labs?

We started this business so we can do what we love doing and do it with people we love doing it with. We’re a small team and plan on keeping it that way. What that means to you is that rather than working with a disinterested agency, you get to be in face-to-face contact with everyone who works on your project. We are much more interested in establishing long-term, meaningful relationships with our clients than just taking their money.

The Team


Steve Lionais

Steve passion is business, but with a focus on web-based technologies. He’s been toiling in the ‘Internet Mines’ since 2004 managing complex web and mobile projects to achieve that elusive balance between timelines, resourcing and budget. Steve helps bridge the gap between business objectives and technology so your custom web application supports the business, not the other way around.


Milad Mesbah

Milad is a computer engineer with a keen eye for business opportunities that innovative software provides. He loves building anything web: from automation tools to customized web applications that work and look great. He is an avid outdoorsman, and can be found somewhere in BC wilderness most weekends.


Hirad Motamed

Hirad remembers vividly the day he got his first computer – with an Intel386 processor and Windows 3.1. He began writing his first computer programs in QBasic for DOS. After flirting with electrical engineering in university, and a brief stint in IT sales in Melbourne, he moved back to Vancouver to found Pendar Labs with Milad.


Eric Tsai

Eric is a visual designer who has many years of experience working on different types of design and UI projects. As a graduate from the Simon Fraser University (SFU) School of Interactive Arts program, he is always looking forward to creative projects that connect art with technology. His favorite colour is orange.

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