Our Process


1. Discovery

During the discovery stage, our team will meet with you in order to understand the goals and vision for your app, your company, and your end users. We try to understand your brand and your current systems. This will help us come up with an technical scope detailing what technologies are most appropriate and how your new app will tie into your existing systems, if required.

2. Mockups and Workflow

Based on our initial meeting, we will build a mock up of how the app will work. We write “user stories” – scenarios that describe what potential users of the app might want to do with it – and create the mockup based on your priorities, making the most important tasks the most accessible. In very large products, the mockups may contain only a small portion of the app’s required functionality. We build small pieces at a time, which allows us to adapt to changing requirements and to keep you involved in every step of the development.

3. Development

At this point, we have a very good idea of what the functional requirements are and what the workflow looks like. This is where we get to work and build your app. We communicate with you every step of the way and keep our work as transparent as possible.

4. Launch

Once we have implemented all the features you want, we set up a hosting accounting for your app, and make it accessible to the world. For mobile applications, we take care of setting up a developer account on your behalf with your platform’s company (Apple for iOS and Google for Android).

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