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Project Description

As a fellow student who had to undergo many subject enrollment sessions, we are well aware of the issues facing the current SFU enrollment interface. During our examination and user testing, many issues that lead to an unpleasant user experience were due predominantly to a lack in visual hierarchy, confusing interactive elements and convoluted information representation. The motivation to improve the SFU SIS system stems from the need for students to enroll in their desired course in a timely manner with minimal hassle.

Design Process

Our study examines the SFU Student Information System in terms of users' goals and behaviors based on heuristic violations, as well as usability testing. We specifically focused on the enrollment process and also, it’s efficiency and effectiveness when user is completing a task during course enrollment. To measure these qualities, we produced two different digital prototypes targeted at SFU students who are in the range of first year to senior year. In determining their effectiveness, they were measured through the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods to ensure the integrity of the data collected.

The outcome. Our redesigned interface has more efficient task processes based on the quantitative data from user testing. Participants’ insights reveal that the former interface has better intuitive aesthetics but the latter has better functionality. In combining both, we were able to reduce a significant amount of time spent on course search with our redesigns. In comparison, our prototypes took less time for users to enroll in a course.