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UI Design

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Project Description

The design of the Riot Management System interface seeks a novel way to alleviate communication problems between law enforcers in a riot situation by attempting to find a feasible approach in allowing decentralized communication.

Various approach were undertaken to explore the feasibility of hands-free communication between law-enforcers and central command. The primary focus was to allow them to both update and retrieve live data without needless gestures or too much downtime.

Design Process

While conducting user research, we realize that users in a riot environment really do not have excessive time to deal with extensive procedures when dealing with a critical situation. Time and speed at which functions can be activated were crucial to the system.

The visual design framework was set up at the very beginning to deal with this issue. Furthermore, there was the issue of limited real estate on any possible device, which can be equipped by law enforcers. We do not want to overload the cognitive load of users as well with trivial notifications during a riot situation.

The design approach these problems by attempting to optimize screen real estate, automate any important functions, and improve the speed at which important functions can be readily accessed and triggered without compromising on any usability issues.