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Project Description

The project requires the design team to design a working and living space for writers to reside in. It involves the use of an existing space that is currently located in the Olympic sculpture park at Seattle, Washington. The site was selected to optimize land usage, introduce human flow and urbanize the entire zone. The building consists of an event area, a gallery, dormitory rooms for a small group of writers as well as cafes, restaurants and relaxation area.

Design Process

From the start, we were interested with the position of the rising sun and how framing the sunrise and sunset would affect how users would interact in their spatial environments. Since writers spend a huge part of their time being deskbound to work on their writings, the work studio was the main focus in our design.

While being connected to the rest of the building, the studio should be located in a conducive part of the building, providing both convenience and a suitable working environment.

Our secondary focus was on the need to improve human flow in the area. Long expansive stairs have been worked into the building to provide affordances for users to hang out, inviting human flow into the area.